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Property Management

Here at Choice Vacation Homes, we are not only dedicated to the satisfaction of our guests, but also our home owners. We would be glad to manage your Orlando vacation home for you, providing full management and maintanance of the property, as well as providing bookings to generate a rental income.

By having Choice Vacation Homes manage your property, you give us the opportunity to look after your guest's comfort, as well as your home's protection, value, and income- generating potential. Our offices are located within a few miles of Walt Disney World®, ensuring that your property will be monitored and maintained carefully and often.

As the manager of your Florida vacation home, we are available for both your and your customer's assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your vacation home is a serious investment, and we treat it as such, providing the same amount of care and dedication as our own homes. On behalf of Choice Vacation Homes, we hope that you will allow us the privilege of managing your home.